We make investing in Chatham-Kent rental properties easy.

Whether you are new to investing in rental properties or unsure of the market in Chatham-Kent, Paragon Property Management & Maintenance can help you get optimal value out of your real estate.

As part of our full-service property management services, we have the expertise to help you know whether the new rental property you want to purchase and renovate will be viable.

Over 20 years of experience investing in rental properties.




With over 20 years of experience investing in rental properties, we serve as consultants to help landlords get optimal value for their investments. In the initial meeting, we discuss your objectives for your property investment. Then, we prepare the necessary research tools, set a schedule to carry out and provide a feedback report on our findings.


We perform site visits in the Chatham and the surrounding areas. We also compile and analyze data on trends in the real estate market in the neighborhood where the property is located. We then give you professional, data supported advice concerning the viability of your investment.


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