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5 Tips To Keep your Rental Property Safe

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

You have invested a lot of money into your rental property so it is important to keep it safe not only for you but for your tenants. When you protect your rental property your tenants will feel safe and satisfaction will dramatically improve, assuring they will rent from you for a long time.

Tip # 1 - Add External Lights

A robber doesn't want a spotlight exposing their crime. Installing motion-sensing lights near the main entrances will deter a robber from invading your property.

Tip # 2 - Secure Main Entrances

Be sure main doors have deadbolts and are metal or solid wood. A hallow door or a door with windows is easy to break.

Tip # 3 - Extra Window Security

For an added layer of security, install additional locks on all main floor windows. Windows with locks, even if broken are harder to get through - Each layer makes a robber think twice before trying to break into your property.

Tip # 4 - Install a Security System

You don't have to pay a security company to monitor your property. There are several new security devices that can monitor your property through an app. Just set up the camera, download the app and stream live footage to your phone. You can set up security alerts and if there is movement in your vacant property, call 911.

Tip #5 - Consider Hiring a Property Manager

If you have purchased a property out of town, or if you just don't have time you may want to consider hiring a property management company to monitor your property. A property manager can simplify your life by handing the day to day issues and maintenance and make sure your property is safe and up to code.

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