What Makes Us Different


Team Approach

Personalized Results

Owning our own investment properties we know just how important it is to have a team that is reliable and trustworthy!

That's why we have developed a dynamic team to take care of all your residential and commercial property needs.

#1 Priority is You

Prompt Service

Sometimes things happen - leaky roof, frozen pipe, basement flood but don't worry - we have you covered! With a full-time trained maintenance team, you can be sure your property becomes our number one priority and any issues that arise are taken care of in a timely manner without paying inflated fees or waiting for a backlogged contractor.


 Save Money & Time

In-house Repairs

One contractor, one call. Our maintenance team is on call for you. Anything from drywall repairs, roofing, painting, and window we can do all repairs and renovations to maintain your investment property's values. 

Complete Maintenance

Outstanding Service

We offer services to complete your yard maintenance needs. Basic grass cutting, arranged snow removal, complete landscaping, and tree cutting are just some of the service our team can provide.

Snow Removal Truck

Decreased Turnover

Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants are the heart of your investment and happy tenants

renew leases.

We keep tenants happy by addressing any issues that may arise, they can trust Paragon Property Management & Maintenance will address their concerns in a timely manner.

Experienced Contractors

Truly Top-Notch

At Paragon Property Management and Maintenance, we have a highly experienced team of contractors on staff with versatile skills to ensure all your maintenance and repairs need can be met.

With three licensed electricians and two heating and cooling technicians on call, your property is in good hands.